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This form is easy to use, please fill in the below details, drag or add files you would like to send to us and click UPLOAD. Once all files have been uploaded, it will automatically send to us.

When uploading photos, please ensure your computer or laptop doesn’t go into sleep mode as this will pause the upload…

Please ensure photos are saved on your Computer or Laptop and not coming from a USB or Disk, as this may cause issues…
If you are having problems with u uploading photos, we suggest Google Chrome or Firefox…

Number your files prior to uploading in the order you want them to display in your Video

PLEASE ADD YOU NAME (not Optional) so we can identify your images!!   

Please watch the Demonstration Video Below on how to use this program

Send us files

Step 1.- Enter your Name

Step 2.- Enter your Email

Step 3.- Enter a Subject e.g. Wedding

Step 4.- Enter Message if required

Step 5. Add Files (numbered)

Step 6.- select Images/Videos

Step 7.- Start Upload

Your all Done!!